Why Choose a Kadco Carry-It Dock Cart?

Made For Marine Environments
Our dock carts use materials that are designed to withstand the elements in marine environments.  Buy a cart that is designed for a marina not a garden. 
Threaded Axles with a Lock Nut
Our axles are made of high carbon steel with threads on them. We provide a lock nut to make sure the wheels on your cart stay there. Other manufacturers use cotter pins which eventually rust through causing bearing damage or the loss of a  wheel.

High Grade Polyethylene Tub
Want a cart that will last a lifetime? Buy one that is made from materials that are made to last that lifetime. The fact is that wood rots, steel rusts, and fiberglass cracks. We carefully selected all the materials in our cart. We use polyethylene because it does not rust or rot and it has enough flexibility to prevent cracking when someone drops hard objects on it. The plastic tub of the Carry-It cart has ribbed sides and bottom for extra strength. The raised lip on the top and end of the tub is designed to carry large objects so they will not slide off your cart.

Lightweight and Well Balanced
You selected a cart over a wheelbarrow is because you are smart. You know that a cart is designed to distribute the load to the cart not to your arms. Don't defeat this advantage by purchasing a heavy cart. Our cart weighs 42lbs; it is lightweight when compared to wooden, steel, or fiberglass carts. The axle is well positioned so that you are pushing the cart not carrying the load.

Zinc Coated Hardware and Frame for Rust Prevention
The axle and hardware are zinc plated for protection from rust. The frame on the Carry-It dock cart is made from steel. This is not ordinary steel that has been galvanized; we use Allied brand Zinc Flo-coat tubing. This tubing is coated with zinc at the factory as the tubing is being roll-formed. The tubing is then given a clear coat on top of the zinc for added corrosion resistance and finish.
Holds Liquids
You'll find more uses for your dock cart when you realize that it can hold up to 50 gallons of liquid with it.
Made in America
Buy with confidence knowing that all of our raw materials and components are sourced from US suppliers.

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